Most eligible round 2

As per my post last week about Just Out’s most eligible, I wanted to give an update and share a couple of reader suggestions.

V Day finally came last Wednesday and I was too busy to notice it right away, but it seems the Willy also did a most eligible spread in honor of the day of love. Even if my head was in the clouds, however, it did not go without notice. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a catfight but Just Out did seem to feel the need to say "We had that idea first." I have a feeling it has more to do with publishing schedule. (Who knows who really liked The Shins way before they were popular first?) And actually, I thought their choice of DJ Puppet as bachelor was a good one and would have been a much better queer choice for Just Out.

As far as reader suggestions I only got two, but they were pretty good. One was cheery faced Commissioner Sam Adams, who had crossed my mind, although I always assumed was taken. I have absolutely no verification of this so I really don’t know why I took that for granted. The other was bad boy (grown) filmmaker Gus Van Sant. I don’t know his status either, or if he would be looking but a profile seems appropriate nonetheless, even if the fella is unattainable.

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