L Word season 4 premiere

It’s that time of year again where we all gather to watch skinny, drama filled lesbians in power suits strut like peacocks through Los Angeles. That’s right, our favorite Lifetime drama for lesbos begins again for the fourth time this Sunday the 7th on Showtime. (For another interesting show that’s on the real Lifetime, check out out Byron’s WW column this week. It a cruel idea and normally I hate reality TV but I have a feeling this one might suck me in) And we each will have our favorite spots to watch including numerous house parties and the infamous E-Room, but premiere night also sees and extra special place to hang out. HRC Portland is hosting a fundraiser at Aura (1022 W Burnside) from 6-10:30. I’m not normally a huge fan of either the gargantuan and normative HRC, nor the Pearlesque and pricey Aura who complains about Zoobombers trashing the hood (hey, the south side of Burnside is not the Pearl yet…) but it can’t hurt to help out a gay organization while you’re watching you’re trashy TV ang getting some nosh. Besides, word on the street is it will fill up fast, which means you better RSVP soon (by pm tomorrow) but it also means you singles might have even more incentive.

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