I never enjoy finding another company to dislike

…especially when it’s a tech company that seems to have a lot of helpful software and basically dominates the internet. But there’s been a lot of uproar lately about Google pulling ads from gay sites. Something like this can be tricky. I haven’t ever heard anything before about Google being any kind of discriminator, or even particularly conservative, but I’m certainly inclined to agree that it appears they’re being at the very least hypocritical here. I was once warned severely from Paypal because a local product I was selling on my now defunct I heart PDX website said that it could be used in bondage. Some people have foot fetishes, doesn’t mean they ban shoes. But that’s beside the point. At least Paypal didn’t seem to be promoting, or allowing adult content elsewhere (well, I guess I never really looked). Google doesn’t censor in general, so why should its AdSense program? Other examples seemed disturbing to me as well. One comment pointed out that many many ex-gay videos appear on Google Video when you search for "gay" but drag show performances are routinely pulled from Google owned YouTube quite readily. I personally think it’s a bit ironic for Google not to allow any sort of mature content in the sites which feature AdSense (there’s a lot that’s mature in the news and other places that may or may not have to do with sex) but if that does need to be their policy I would expect them to treat everyone the same. Until I hear a response from them on this it sounds to me like Google is discriminating against gay blogs.

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