A merrily queer "Quistmas" event

I’m not sure why, in my vast imagination, I cannot seem the conjure a picture of what a Queer Quistmas (Christmas?) Variety Show would look like, but perhaps it’s a subconscious desire to be surprised, or maybe that I have no idea how to interpret "Quistmas" except as either a lame speech impediment joke or a cereal only available on the east coast that my girlfriend just ordered off the internet because it’s a grand childhood memory…

But anyway, Lee Kyle, Portland’s favorite new generation 6 foot diva, hosts such an extravaganza this Saturday the 10th at Mississippi Pizza Pub (3552 N. Mississippi Ave), which, contrary its down-home sounding name, has a vast and mesmerizing drink menu in an eclectically swank setting. (Did I just sound like a Homes and Gardens magazine?)

But if there mere thought of our gorgeous and tattooed queen-of-the-year isn’t enough to lure you, nor my drink and decor musings, here’s Splendora’s own description:

"Queer Quistmas" is a collection/performance of the friends of Splendora: Kaj Anne Pepper, a member of Sissyboy, does Christmas based performance art and storytelling, The Drunken Princess Girl retells the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and puts a sexy spin on "Twas the Night Before Christmas", singer/songwriter Sara King is planning on a Christmas Medley and a few original songs, and Tipsy Genius, a musical and storytelling act created Fannie Mae and Zebra (also of Sissyboy). I will be hosting as Splendora and am doing a song or two of my own.

This must be Portland’s answer to the 50s phenomenon Ed Sullivan…

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