Paul Clay descends on the scene

Local musician and Reedie Paul Clay is not only a melodically talented, but a rather fine descriptive author as well. So, at the risk of losing my position here as blogger I want to defer to his own rather magnificent descriptions: “Paul Clay makes music that blends carelessness and glitz with concern and radicalism…His songs vary from hyper-dancy queertronica to more introspective and political electroballads.” I, myself, like to think that I present concerned and radical careless glitz…that is, I care a lot about both politics and fashion, but sometimes I just watch VH1 in my underwear… Musically, however, this amounts to a dynamic and varied sound that at once reminds me of Electro-clash beats and a musical theater piece. And yet, be ready to surprised again because the next track may morph into a surreal and sweet folk song. I do so love the schizophrenic nature of his sound, which can be previewed in the media section of his website. (A website which is pretty extensive, with not only mp3s but lyrics, news, MySpace, photos and more.) But Clay is also a whimsical, if political, lyricist, bringing his queerness into focus and keeping a strong message, throughout his continually changing melodies.

But the real lure is the music and the performance, and Clay’s sophomore album drops tomorrow, Friday Nov 17th. With it comes a celebratory show at the Reed College Chapel (3203 SE Woodstock Blvd), 9p. And if you miss those you have a couple more chances. Dec. 1st, 7-10 PM – Aids day benefit concert for Cascade Aids (by the Queer Resource Center at PSU) and Jan 13th Campbell Club Coop, Eugene, Oregon (1648 Alder St).

Oh yeah, and did I mention he’s a dreamboat?

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