Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

I realize I’m a little late as the 10th annual Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Fest actually started yesterday. Luckily for all late-comers, including myself, the fest rages on for a full week. If you’re reading this last minute before deciding what to do for your evening be sure to check out tonight’s Follow my Voice with music from Hedwig. Special guests Holcombe Waller and Wade McCollum will be performing one of the Hedwig songs before the screening at 10pm. A great way to add multimedia to a documentary that celebrates an iconic gay film as well as telling the story of, and benefitting, the Hetrick-Martin Institute, which funds a NYC school for at-risk queer youth. Whew! So Much in one film…For those of you that just can’t get enough of Hedwig and creator John Cameron Mitchell check out my review of his new film Shortbus, as well as interview.

Other highlights include tomorrow night’s El Calentito, a film following the Spanish all-female punk band La Sioux. Ok, so it doesn’t look necessarily like brilliant filmmaking but they are more than just a little hot.

Monday’s Poster Boy, also looks intriguing. A film about a gay son of a conservative politician and the man who is tormented whether to love him or use him. I’m sure it will call into question my own morals. (See my August write up for more info)

Others that caught my eye include Amnesia (Wednesday), Soap (next Saturday), and the campy Creatures from the Pink Lagoon (Friday). And both WW’s Queer Window writer Byron Beck and my partner are excited to see Fat Girls (also next Saturday).

Also be sure to enjoy the more interactive portion of a Queer Film Festival. Although you may be able to rent or, in some cases, go out to these movies in other venues soon, you won’t have the party that will be next Saturday’s Gala at the Jupiter Hotel, or the party atmosphere of a theater full of queers in general. For those that might miss a flick here and there that they’d like to see, I will review what I catch, and you can get share it on DVD with that special queer at home.

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