Queer as Folk on LOGO

Just as Sex and the City made the leap from its edgy HBO airings to the toned down TBS, and onto late night broadcast syndication, so it is time for Queer as Folk. For those who couldn’t get their hands on the boys from Pittsburgh before this is your chance to catch them in 2 episode increments on the always-queer MTV owned LOGO. Yet, I still recommend the DVDs. QAF, already a ripped off American version of the risqué British, is enjoyable, in large part, for its tittilation factor. However, even on TV’s only ALL-GAY channel, there is very little skin. Recently, I was excited to make my gf watch BBC movie Tipping the Velvet, which has been showing for awhile now. All the best scenes were gone! Forget skin, were weren’t even allowed the view of wooden 19th century sex toys. For this we must visit museums…or rent the DVD. Nevertheless, it is nice to know that one of our enjoyable gay soaps is now something you can catch while flipping channels in your bathrobe.

While the show initially began long before this blog, I did have the opprtunity to cover some of the initial episodes where you can see my commentary and fond farewells.

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