Notes in between SK's last 2 shows

I almost lost hope. But then, 2 songs into Sleater-Kinneys second encore they began the riff for “Joey Ramone.” Though I stood in the over 21 area I jumped and squealed the same as I had when I was watching a performance of that same song when I was 16. The ticket anxiety, the waiting, this made it all worth it.

Overall Sleater-Kinney’s (second-to) last show was a faithful rendition of the musical talent of a band, a fitting final show. However, it was not their best show. The crowd was appropriately excited. The ladies gave their thanks as well as their energy and especially skilled guitar and drum playing. But it was also a sad day. And that feeling was in the air. You could tell that the older fans were distracted by the memories of smaller clubs and that raw energy that comes with a band still struggling to make it.

Personally, I had hoped they would play my personal favorite, and sadly appropriate, Good Things. When they did not, I consoled myself with the fact that I have indeed heard it live and that I would go home and listen to their full 7 albums on repeat for the next week or so. And, aside from their first album, which really was rough enough that it might not be that much fun to play from anymore, the band did play tracks from all their albums, even if the Chainsaw released “Call the Doctor” received only 2 highlights. Neither new nor old fans could complain with the performance last night and I’m sure tonight’s performance will be both as lively and as sad.

So let’s toast Sleater-Kinney, enjoy their last show with the knowledge that they will certainly have a reunion tour, and that all three members will surely pursue other creative avenues for audiences to enjoy. And lastly, I plead for pictures, just another spot of memory I hope I can post and share.

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