Gay Guide to Christianity

As many queers do, I have an understandable distrust of organized religion. I have an almost equal amount of distrust for the ultra-mainstream Human Rights Campaign, an organization that works to protect the rights of primarily wealthy, white, gay citizens. And yet, the website HRC has created about Christian gay spirituality is quite informative, well put together, and thorough. Out in Scripture is quite blatantly narrow in its Christian focus with one link towards the bottom going to a completely separately hosted gay Jewish page. But it is intriguing. The site gives details instructions for religious leaders as well as presenting outlines for sermons including specific biblical passages and what religious leaders are a part of that conversation. So it seems a great resource if one is devout and is struggling to synthesize lives that may feel so very at odds. I enjoy a much looser form of near spirituality bordering on New Age or Hippiedom that is largely personal and occasionally tied to the Unitarian Universalist faith community in which I have spent time. But I recognize that Christianity does not have to the the evil bigotry of evangelism, and this site presents a way for this to be true.

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