How I despise a (rich) hypocrite

I speak of Wal-Mart shoppers with distaste but I know that, although in the long run those in poverty are only worsening their situation by shopping there, that extra 10 dollars they save really can make a difference in their daily living. But with gay icon, millionaire and outlandish gay Knight, Sir Elton John sells his soul to the devil for soem extra cash there’s really just no excuse. Turns out that his money-making show at Caesar’s Palace benefits Palace owner Philip Anschutz, conservative Christian billionaire who spends his free time and money in the struggle to deny Gay Americans their rights. Queerty also has some things to say about Elton and Celine Dion but at least I never expected her to be a champion. Sir Elton, I am ashamed of you. You can ruined enourmous cubic zirconia studded sunglasses forever for me…

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