Born Different

Nobody can resist a puppy. That seems to be the hope of an ambitious ad campaign taken on by the Gill Foundation in Colorado called Born Different. And while in most contexts, certainly those containing primarily other queer folks, I would debate the complete nature theories, or all the half-heartedly scientific studies on gay men’s innate homosexuality (not to mention the idea everyone keeps pushing that no one would ever choose such a horrible life…) I find this ad campaign intriguing. A more complex reality would be too complex for these cute and simple, if forceful PSAs and most Americans seem to want the short answer anyhow. I have to admit I was sucked in by the masterful line drawing Flash animation intro, sleek yet fun web design, and of course the adorable puppy that says Moo. (Definitely take a moment to watch the short TV spots with Norman). So if cuteness and good design can being about more acceptance in this world. I’m all for it.

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