Pride Week 2006

My but aren’t our social calendars filling up quickly? Lots to do this week beginning with the Q Center’s welcome wagon today at 5:30. Yesterday saw my girlfriend and I rifling through flyers, papers, and websites planning out our tour of pride (well and Pedalpalooza too…). Really, it’s quite overwhelming. So since I cannot presume to know what you, dear readers, might enjoy, I think it most important to tell you where you can find the events you most desire. And yet, while I do presume all the time, I’m going to let you in on some of my planned schedule…


Pride NW

A general list of Pride events, resources, including Sunday the 18th’s main parade line-up, route etc. They also have a page on Latino Pride events.

PDX Black Pride

Portland’s queer community isn’t all about skinny white boys on Stark Street. African-American Portlanders have a whole slew of films, discussions, and even garage sales…

Just Out

Our bi-weekly queer rag is always worth checking for their full coverage of events. Now that their calendar is online it it fully worth checking out.

Queer Portland Livejournal

For all your last minute and more underground needs this LJ community is the way to go.

My recommendations:

• Tonight I’m out unfortunately. I would say the Tupperware party for the queer contingent (see below) but I can’t resist the lure of a late night coffee and donute ride with Pedalpalooza…

• Throughout the week there will be karaoke contests at various queer bars around town. Tonight is Silverado, tomorrow CC Slaughters, Wednesday Boxxes and Thursday E Room (sorry I missed yesterday’s striaght gay bar, Embers) Each winner will represent their digs at the final sing off at the Stark Raving Mad Block party from 4-5:30.

• Thursday is a toss up between film night and Alison Bechdel (Dykes to Watch Out For comic) at Powell’s at 7:30. So you just have to decide fi you’re a queer film nerd or book snob for yourself…

• Friday is the night things really start revving up. I am wetting my pants with excitement for Total Drag 2006. This National drag talent contest mani will feature celebrity judges, DJ Beyond, 3asic and tons of high heeled fun. Host Wonder Ballroom is spacious enough to accommodate both the heavy drinkers and all ages crowd so it should be an interesting mix. Doors at 8, show at 9.

• Saturday is, of course, the infamous Dyke March beginning at the North Park Blocks at 7. I am working myself, but might give up some dinner hour to catch some of the bare breasted shouting. Later in the evening, however, Wildcard hosts Let’s get Physical at the outdoor stage lovelieness of Acme (SE 8th and Main). Show at 10, dance party at 11:30. These 3 are always a party in and of themselves so I’m sure an injection of Pride week will make it a mad mad night.

• Sunday is the parade of course. Supposedly it starts at, I dunno, 11 or something but I’m betting queers will be slow movers on Sunday post-party so just get downtown by lunchtime ok?

• Monday the 19th will wind down with some gay skating at Oaks Park. If the idea of bringing this middle school pastime into the realm of your now grown-up and real gay life is terrifying just coem find me and I’ll save a couple skate for you.

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