Pride recap

As usual, todays Pride was a lovely mixed weather day full of sequins, bikes and gender bending. We all ran into our buddies from high school we didn’t know were gay and our exes we were really hoping to avoid. The parade itself seemed a rather perfect length this year with the intermixing of church groups with bdsm groups a fabulous juxtaposition. There did seem to be a lack of two key, if totally unrelated elements: boom boxes and revolutionaries. While all the huge floats had sound systems of course, a lot fo the medium sized marchers could have really done with some sound, even if the appearance is really enough sometimes. The latter example is a bit more troubling. There were several political groups, of course, and union organizers but the truly freaky politicos, like the coffin wielding, clown bike riding Queer Revolution were nowhere to be seen…Not that I made it happen this year, but who else will balance out Nike and Starbucks?

Let me just name another of my shortcomings this year as well. I neglected to bring a camera. And while I attempted some shots with the cell, they were truly horrid. (Is that a boy in a skirt or just a big blob of brightly colored paint?) I guess technology isn’t quite there yet. But The O, bless their hearts, did get some decent shots this year so here’s their gallery (as well as their own recap). And please, send in your own Pride photos and we’ll get them right here in this blog and up on the site. Here’s our handy little form for submission.

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