Hate crimes in our back yard

I heard a little about it yesterday through some queer forums. I saw a short piece on KGW news last night (which I currently can’t find on their website). My own website here finally has some information on it this morning. But it was Saturday night, 3 days ago, that 3 gay men were attacked on Stark Street. I realize much goes on without making the news at all, but I haven’t heard of many violent anti-gay crimes prevailing in this town. And while I’m certainly aware of discrimination, I have never felt unsafe. Perhaps I should. I’m sure a Saturday night downtown was busy. Did anyone come help them, or call for help? Oddly, none of these news stories have told me. More helpful yet has been the description of the attackers: white males of average height and build in their 20s. Should we just start rounding ’em up? Sure, they had a bartender from The Escape, all ages gay nightclub, on TV last night. But I’m really not seeing the outrage, the uproar, let alone the action that I would expect to see after an incident like this. Is marriage all we really care about my fellow Portland queers?

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