Team Dresch show recap

My recommendation: Get back together, you’ve still got it.

How can songs written and performed more than 10 years ago still sound contemporary and exciting? I admit to a certain amount of bias in my love for this band but this is a question I can answer. At least 3 things make TD still one of the greatest bands ever: Donna’s flawless guitar handling, Jody’s non-stop energy (even as a Mom now!) and Kaia’s sweetly sincere vocals. They make a great band and even after an 8 year hiatus the synergy is perfection. I had hoped that a few new songs might mean a better indication that they intended to stick it out (I might have heard one, I’m not sure, I was too excited), but at least a September Midwestern show means they’ll at least be playing through the summer.

The show started out quality but mellow as I sipped my beer with the other grown-ups and bobbed my head only enough not to spill while watching Swan Island. They played it well with a drum beat that really pushed through you and a vocalist as fashionably interesting as her strong voice. But I knew after TD’s first song that I couldn’t be stuck in a gated drinking community that cared anything about small outlooks, annoyances, or concerns beyond what was happening on stage. And I’m glad I sweated it out with the all ages crew. While even they might have seemed reticent at first it didn’t take terribly long for the crowd to gain momentum and I laughed and howled as I was jostled in time to the music. The purple blotchy bruise I sustained on my right cheekbone was certainly worth being so near and so much a part of the Team Dresch fan base. In fact, I treasure it as a memory and a battle scar. I can only hope to be blessed with more music war wounds in the near future.

Oh and by the way…I was much too absorbed to actually obtain any pictures. I probably would have broken my camera anyway. If anyone has any please let me know and I’ll get ’em up here.

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