Team Dresch lives again

This Saturday night will see the much anticipated Team Dresch show at the Wonder Ballroom (128 NE Russell) with starting lineup Swan Island and Libber. Though we received a small moment of release two years ago at Homo-a-gogo devoted fans have been deprived of our Dresch drug for nearly 8 years now. And though it really cant be billed as more than a reunion show at the moment, there is hope alive that the 4 (mostly) original members may find their groove again. Either way, Saturdays show is sure to be a frenzied mess of dancing emotions.

For those of you who may not have been as maniacally obsessed in the mid-90s as most young ladies were Willamette Week provides a great overview of the bands sordid history, much like an musical abbreviated version of E! True Hollywood Story. Even better, check out either of their two albums, which can be found on Donnas record label Chainsaw. Even more exciting may be the new availability of the famed Free to Fight compilation. This anthem for female power and safety is now freely downloadable in mp3 format for the audio and pdf for the accompanying booklet.

A fan-based version (including my own teenaged self) can be found in my last excited Team Dresch post. And for updated news and info in the ongoing TD drama keep aware of the bands Myspace page.

Check back later this weekend for all the joy, heartbreak and gossip that tomorrows show will produce. And if any of you have pictures or stories of your own, I would be ridiculously excited to hear them.

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