New Basic Rights Oregon lawsuits

As a press conference within the hour will relate, Basic Rights Oregon, is filing suit against the state of Oregon beginning today. This case involved the parental rights of two women, Jeana Frazzini and K.D. Parman, and their son Emmett Rocco. Bryan Boyd, formerly of GayRightsWatch and now of BRO says: “This case, and the following cases that will be filed are, for the most part, based on the Tanner decision in 1998.” A court decision that said the state is contitutionally prohibited from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation as it relates to state benefits, priviledges, services, and immunities. The argument here, then, being that Frazzini should not have to file for second parent-adoption because she and Parman were not married but that, as they would have gotten married if they could have she should both automatically be considered the child’s other parent. This, simulataneously, makes the case for the marriage as well as the parentage. A bit roundabout but a positive step nonetheless. Below are three PDFs of the formal complaint, the press release, and a fact sheet. Check these out, and for continuing coverage be sure to check the BRO blog.

Press release

Fact sheet

Formal complaint

Willy Week also lays out some news.

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