SmokeLess and other LGBT health concerns

This Wednesday sees SmokeLess: an LGBTQ community forum on smoking & secondhand smoke in bars, as part of National LGBT Health Awareness week. A mere 7 day period to recognize the specific health concerns that may affect our community more than others.

Some of the discussion that that the queerportland Livejournal community has brought up used to make a lot of sense to me. I’ve never wanted big business or the government anywhere near regulating my personal freedoms. (Although corporations have always been in the business of exploiting queers and pushing unhealthy products in the name of money…) But really, there’s only one major issue I’ve been unable to ignore. Bar workers. I really can’t see how a bartender or cocktail waittress who wished not to be around smoke could not be at a disadvantage in this already tough job market. And I’ve never been fond of exploiting workers wither. I welcome your thoughts.

SmokeLess is Wednesday, March 15

Studio 1050, 1050 SE Water

Free before 9pm, $5-10 sliding scale after 9pm

Doors open 6pm, community forum 7-9 pm, performances 9pm-midnight

tabling by LGBTQ and/or health-based organizations

a town-hall style community discussion about smoking and secondhand smoke in bars aimed at reaching LGBTQ bar owners, performers and event planners,

performances by local LGBTQ artists, including Ashleigh Flynn

open to the general public, all-ages

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