Not so popular as we thought, eh Oscar?

Needless to say I’m disappointed. And I have to reiterate my feeling ever waning enthusiasm. The show, even my treasured Jon Stewart, was rather bland, and the queers didn’t quite sweep like we thought they would last night. Yes, Philip Seymour Hoffman took Best Actor and Brokeback Mountain heralded Best Director as well as a few more minor categories. But Felicity Huffman did not pull a Hilary Swank with her trans performance and the cowboys ultimately lost the big prize to Crash. I am disappointed that Brokeback lost, not to a brilliant portrayal of Truman Capote or a sad look at the price of revenge, but to a film with an engaging topic, though not a particularly well-crafted story. Looks like the Academy is not as ground-breaking and forward-thinking as we thought. Another theory is that those who may have voted either Brokeback or Capote were split, leaving those with the less courageous Crash vote to triumph. Can anyone say Ralph Nader?

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