Hollywood video

I do try, in general, to support Portland’s more independent video rental outlets such as Videorama or Movie Madness but occasionally laziness or gift certificates will find me at a chain. And in general this town manages to have surprizingly good selections and interesting pierced workers even in the Blockbusters. But the Hollywood video on e. 28th next to the Broadway Freddies is extra special. As I found myself idly wandering the new releases last night I was astounded at the sheer magnitude of gay filmology. It was littered with not only higher profile flicks like High Tension or My Summer of Love but lesbian short film fests, a disturbing looking road trip movie about gay brothers and a college Freshman film foray I had the misfortune of renting called Almost Normal. Every shelf in the store seemed to have at least one same sex situation whether it was classy, schlocky, professional or amateur. It was fun, but a lot to wade through as well. Mostly, it was just a little odd. My guess…a gay manager, recent film studies graduate on a mission. It’s an experiment that may only work here…

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