Gay airwaves

So lately I’ve been going on and on about gay TV, but whats our entertainment when we cant give the screen full attention, or when we want to hear some new tunes, or when we need background noise at work? Thats right, internet radio. So when my pal Alicia told me about GaydarRadio I had to give it a listen. Its gay heaven with plenty of Eurobeats, Madonna, and even gay news. And in those British accents! I swoon, really.

Ok now back to my current obsession, television, for a moment. Although I have been berating this new L Word season since it began several weeks ago I must let you know two small, if significant reasons the last episode was worth watching.

Firstly, the funniest line I’ve heard all season. When Billie says he’s got FMS, Kit asks him if thats F** Munchausen Syndrome. I laughed ’till merlot came out of my nose.

Secondly, the heat is back in quite an unusual way. No, it’s not more Carmen and Shane drama, even if they are the resident hotties. It’s our lad Billie again in a “love” scene between a newly transitioning FTM and bio guy right in the middle of The Planet…Ironic how a gay man is spicing up a lesbian show. And yet, now that he has created all this fuss, I believe the Alan Cumming character has left the show. You heartbreaker. Even so, I really can’t bring myself to buy his signature perfume, even as delightfully dirty as it is.

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