What the L?

After this week’s groan-inducing episode I was surprised to read, not only a favorable review of The L Word’s third season but a semi-backup from the blog world. Why does the Village Voice think this season has any kind of substance? It’s the same stock, unoriginal sensationalism and trotting out of hot button, but not necessarily compelling, issues, that it always has been. It barely ups the ante with the addition of a mid-western, trans/butch character.

Said blog entry calls Shane and Carmen gender fluid poster girls and cites that as their absolute disgust of the butch Moira. And yet, these ladies of the post-gender are being more close-minded than the brilliant and gender traversing new character Moira/Max. When did Shane the street hustler with 4 roommates, and Carmen, the struggling DJ, become so judgmental and snobby? Seriously, first this season ruined my other favorite character, Alice, and now the two hotties? Only the titillation factor was keeping me in tow. With the heat turned down, I don’t know that I’ll be able to make it through the season.

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