Thoughts on Episode 1

Ok, so the character I like the most, the only out actress since Season 1, the character who would be me if I had to be an L Word character, has officially gone crazy. Alice, you can do way better than Dana. Why does anybody like the spoiled brat skinny tennis player closet case anyway?

Jenny is as obvious and brash as she always has been. You could stay in Skokie girl. Let’s hope this new butchy Moira/Max character can lend you some interest.

Bette is also her usual control-freak-in-an-artsy-power suit self, this time with another human being to take complete control of, her baby. I feel so sorry for you kid. Tina, what happened to that backbone you pretended you might grow last season? Sorry, even with a baby you bore me. Kit’s menopause doesn’t seem like much of a storyline to follow either, especially in comparison to her past adventures, but at least her character is likeable and complex.

Now Shane and Carmen’s close knit Mexican family are adorable. Even if the script here isnt masterful, I at least got warm fuzzies watching the big Mexican mama dress Shane in a white gown for a quinceanera. And then you get to watch the two hottest characters make out too. This scene may have been the highlight of the episode.

The running joke around naming female genitalia was occasionally amusing, but as a prince of the running joke myself, who has had as funnier dish sessions with my own pals around the poker table, I wasn’t terribly impressed.

Will I be back? Yes, I have a standing date with the show for better or worse. But I beg of you Ilene Chaiken, freshen the intro and snap up the dialogue please. It will be less painful for all of us.

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