So, making direct connection between these scattered bit of web media is going to be a bit rough, but that’s just the way the boys would have liked it I’m sure. So let’s start with the heartening news that new gay power duo Jack and Ennis appear to be doing quite well in the theaters of America’s heartland, as well as in the eyes of various award nominators. And yet, despite such successes, seems a Utah cinema has deemed the film unsuitable. Yeah, I thought it was weird when Salt Lake was named one of the top 5 cities for queers, but perhaps persecution makes the community raucous and strong.

In other spots Brokeback seems to be inspiring an increased interest in the world of gay rodeo. Our own PDX gay rag has positioned their western wit on the cover of the current issue, using the regal image of Jack Twist to visually capture the feeling of the boy-loving bronco bucker. But it ain’t just the locals that are paying attention.’s travel section has also given the lowdown on the queer roundups.

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