GLAAD media awards

17th annual GLAAD media award nominees are in and the countdown to the 4 award ceremonies begin. Interestingly (and unusually) enough, many of this years contenders are also contenders in some of the big boy races such as the Oscars. Please do not try to adjust your television…Yes, queers are taking over.

One show that will certainly not be receiving any awards is the cruel yet insipid American Idol. Really people, fat, four-eye, female, and other f jokes are just not funny post-elementary school, and should be scolded even then. And yet they continue on with their extremly offensive and boring quips. Fox continues to give Simon only minor wrist slaps, which are just not getting to him. If amusing insults are so important to him he really should be taking lessons in throwing shade. This stuff is amateur. He’s probably just jealous that he will never look good in a dress…

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