Gays in the Guilds

Both Brokeback Mountain and Capote have been smiled upon in this year’s Golden Globe nominations. As I have finally gotten to see my boy Jakey’s newest critically acclaimed flick, and he was just amazing as I knew he would be, I am clapping my hands in delight. And yet, as fantastic as the acting was in Brokeback, including all 4 leads, even the overlooked Anne Hathaway (oh my Princess have you grown!), fellow blogger Joshua Gibson lends some much needed wisdom. Though my love for Jake, as well as his stinging platinum 80s ice queen, is strong, and I have amazing respect for the sheer breadth of Ang Lee’s filmography, I have to, once again, pretty much agree with Joshua…Even so, I can’t say that I would turn away the awards. Brokeback may not be a perfect film but in the stead of the many films that have deserved attention haven’t gotten it, so Brokeback shall accept the award. Persoanlly, I’m relishing it.

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