Southern Gents tour

It was a welcome surprise this morning to see an article on a trans performer on the cover of The O’s living section. And while the interview didn’t make an epic appearance, it was a succinctly informative and interesting overview of Scott Turner Schofield’s performance art and how his trans identity plays into that.

It also skirts around the mainstreaming of trans culture which seems an interesting discussion to begin here. For the most part, such an increasing level of acceptance is extremely positive. It allows trans individuals greater freedom to in general and less burden of constant explanation. On the other hand, can there be some elements of appropriation, in the way that we have seen metrosexuals take cues from queer fashion? Is appropriation from a partially self-chosen subculture necessarily a bad thing anyway? These seem particularly pertinent questions when considering that this article is about trans art and performance specifically. Personally, I’m all about sharing our art and lifestyle. I quite like it myself and think mainstream culture can learn much from queer culture. Though well take the credit where credit is due…

Either way, Schofield and the Southern Gents should certainly provide engaging entertainment (and perhaps learning). And its FREE.

When and where: 8 p.m. today at Reed College Chapel and 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 338. The performers also will host a workshop 5:15 to 6:45 p.m. Tuesday at Vollum Lounge, Reed College.


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