Measure 36 woes

It’s a sad day for Oregon. Looks like we lost our fight in court. But let’s not lose heart my dears, there are many more fights to fight. Instead, let’s get all dolled up in our white wedding dresses and go out on the town. The more defiant dancing the better.

You can see a pdf of the decision courtesy Basic Rights Oregon and check out more coverage on our special sections page.

UPDATES: At a press conference this morning Basic Rights Oregon has said that they will appeal the ruling. I believe they have two more possible courts to go through.

Also, a tidbit from Tim Nashif, political director for the Defense of Marriage Coalation states: “If this language, as simple as it is, had been struck down by the courts, it would have taken away the people’s rights to amend their constitution at all.”

What I find interesting about this statement is that Measure 36’s wording may have been short but it was not necessarily simple. In fact, the most succinct of arguments can, particularly, be the most brilliantly complex. When our enemies aren’t as dumb as they may appear, here is where the real trouble begins. And that is where we must be smarter…

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