Conservative arguments for marriage equality

Though I am not particularly inclined to promote the websites and/or opinions of conservative bloggers, even if they do happen to be gay, quasi-conservative Andrew Sullivan’s blog has some pretty interesting things to say in general, and particularly about gay marriage. Not that these arguments are new, but hey, perhaps it will reach new audiences…

I particularly like this last paragraph:

If these arguments sound socially conservative, that’s no accident. It’s one of the richest ironies of our society’s blind spot toward gays that essentially conservative social goals should have the appearance of being so radical. But gay marriage is not a radical step. It avoids the mess of domestic partnership; it is humane; it is conservative in the best sense of the word. It’s also about relationships. Given that gay relationships will always exist, what possible social goal is advanced by framing the law to encourage those relationships to be unfaithful, undeveloped, and insecure?

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