Queer bike love

How excited was I to see the Just Out cover story on Portlands queer cycling culture? Oh very. It makes me want to get astride my little 18″ road beast this very moment. Now, I’m still an amazingly amateur cyclist who gets passed by almost everyone else as I commute to work, and haven’t really gone more than about 15 miles at a time. But there are so many adventuresome bike things to do in Portland I’m setting my sights high. First it was the McMenamins tour that caught my eye, but the thought of cruising around Oregon with queers to investigate hot tubs…well that just sounds like one of the best ideas that has ever ridden a gay path…

The only thing that can temper my excitement nothing to do with Oregon’s wheeled culture and everything to do with Just Out’s lack of online presence. I wish desparately to share this article with you, yet Portlands only gay news source does not publish their content online, nor does the site seem to have the most current issue highlighted. I’m sure theres plenty of gay tech nerds who could help out. So sadly, all I can do at the moment is tell you where to grab a paper copy. They do manage to get events listed online, however, so theyre a good resource for that.

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