I love QueerKit

I just received my very first installment of QueerKits Bzzz newsletter and it just reminds me how awesome I think they are. Theres a brand new section at the site dedicated to whats in print, i.e. novels, zines and other papered news. Im particularly excited about a new book called Beyond Shame, about reclaiming our wild 70s ways (I do lament that I missed that decade) and a new zine by Brontez of Gravy Train!!! (the dirtiest, funniest, rockin-est bisexual dace party musicians), called Fag School. Despite that I am hardly an impulse buyer I almost ordered it right on the spot but I just swallow the idea of paying twice the price of the mag in shipping…I’m also stoked for the new Lesbians on Ecstasy vinyl remixes, although I may lose record-player access soon…Ill probably nab it anyway…

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