Gay horror in the Northwest

I do sometimes find it disturbing that this blog can so easily flit between serious politics and death to my movie star boy crushes and back again. But then again, I suppose its refreshing, life-like even, and I have always been prone to switching. So here I go again.

Beware of small-town Oregon because Cthulhu, a gay-themed horror flick about scary demon-worshipping rednecks, has begun filming. Beware of your 30s The Stranger article seems to say, and dont venture back into the Goondocks unless absolutely necessary…

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Will the protagonist ever return to the bright Seattle lights after being lured back into his frightening hometown? We may have to wait a couple years to find out. Luckily, we can obtain at least some of our gay horror flick fix with the just released Hellbent, which touts itself as the first ever gay slasher film.

Taking place at the famed West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, there is a serial killer on the loose. A group of four gay friends will have to fight for their lives to make it through a night where flamboyant costumes, beautiful people, drugs, music, dancing and sex are everywhere.

Sadly, a review hasn’t appeared on our very own site, so I must direct you outwards.

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