Oh my, old people are so cute!

Ok, I do know how patronizing that sounds so please don’t beat me over the head with a stick. I’m sure it wont be so cute when I can’t remember my own name (like Sunday mornings for example). But really, I have always admired the wisdom and acceptance that elderly folks often display. While many have become more conservative as they age I have been introduced to so many that have just seen and lived through it all, nothing surprises them, and are quite liberal and accepting indeed.

Now see, I already exhibit the signs of age as I’ve just embarked on a tangent before I’ve even begun here. The real point of this post to actually to let the older Qs among you know about Elder Resource Alliance’s ’50s Sock Hop and Barbecue Dinner Benefit this Saturday night. ERA Serves lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender elders and how better to support them by slurpin’ up some meat (although vegetarian options are available as well, it ain’t a new trend baby) and getting the jitterbug spirit wriggling through your feet. Dinner and dancing begin at the relatively early hour of 5 o’clock as well all know it’ll be well past bedtime by the time the toes stop tapping at 10. Event is held at Station Place Tower (1020 NW 9th Ave at Lovejoy) and is only $10 for 5 hours of fun. Those without Medicare cards in their wallets are also welcome to attend.

503-224-2640 or for info or tickets, or get ’em at the door.

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