Not too cool for gay friendly school

Following Diva magazine’s study of British Universities, education watchdog The Princeton Review has provided a list of the most gay-friendly Colleges in America.

Now, I know I exhibit some severe bias here but the top 2 appear a bit random to me and the next 3 are just a slap in the face. They’re all around Smith College, the school from whence I graduated. Theyre our rivals. I can’t believe we didn’t make the list. Lesbian experience is a rite of passage and practically a requirement at my alma-mater. Granted, Eugene Lang may be more loosely I’m queer and I don’t care than the possible pre-power-suited lesbians of Smith, but to rank Wellesley, our biggest rival, and then close neighbor Mount Holyoke (who think they’re our rival but really we pretty much ignore) is just wrong.

Sigh. Ok, my little personal indignant snob fest is over now. The reality is that Smith, like any school, does have its problems. I was, myself, was involved in protesting and taking actions against racist and homophobic occurrences on campus. And, of course, the phenomena of the LUG (Lesbian Until Graduation) is rampant in the all-woman atmosphere of Smith (so too of Wellesley and Mount Holyoke). But I do believe Smith was a pretty accepting place, comparatively speaking, for a myriad of queer identities (for example there was a thriving trans community, perhaps surprisingly at a “single sex” school). And from what I’ve heard from close friends on that nearer to Boston campus, quite a bit more queer friendly than that other famous womens institutionOh, yea, but I have lost any faith I once had in the Princeton Review. Let me thinkDid I have any? I mean, local live-and-let-live liberal arts palace, Reed, only made 18th in the list…

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