The difference between what’s legal and what’s right

Ten years after the completely ineffectual “don’t ask don’t tell” policy went into effect, the Oregon State Bar has decided that it violates their anti-discrimination policy to let the US Military advertise in their monthly magazine. Bravo, Oregon lawyers, but what took you so long?

But before you stop telling lawyer jokes and start cheering let me just say that it may only be red tape and not morals that guide Oregon’s attorneys. Although at present the US Military does violate their policy they may amend said policy to cleverly insert “unlawful” right before that pesky little word “discrimination.” Because the military’s injustice is considered quite legal bigotry the Oregon law magazine will, in that case, certainly be allowed to print the advertisements.

On a militaristic sidenote, isn’t interesting that, during wartime, one can be as out and proud as they want and not get chucked out, while peacetime means a “dishonorable discharge” appears on the papers of nelly queens. Seems as long as you’re willing to act as cannon fodder you can wear as many dresses as Klinger.

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