Olympia invaded – Ladyfest is back

The festivals hosted by small town with big scene Olympia, Washington, never fail to amaze me. For an extended weekend hordes of hipster from across the globe converge on our little neighbor to the north and create an energy found at precious few events. I expect this years Ladyfest, returned after 5 years, to be no different. The first Ladyfest put stars in my eyes with acts like Freddy Fagulas drag performance to Space Oddity at 3 in the morning and Sleater-Kinneys rousing rendition of Dude looks like a lady. The last Oly fest I attended, last years Homo-a-go-go, equally mesmerized me with a reunion performance by the band that got me through secondary education, Team Dresch. Did I come home with the sweat of a hundred girls soaked through my shirt and wet against my skin? You bet I did. Was I upset to be so stinky? Not a bit.

I am hoping that this summers big Olyfest can measure up. And with the nonstop workshop, music, craft fair action, I have faith that it will. Here are just some of the few things Im excited about:

Tracy and the Plastics Whitney veteran Wynne Greenwood takes on the role of 3 spaced out electronic rockers on video. Weird and visually engaging her voice and music are both still incredible.

Mary Timony Ethereal popster whose Helium sounds never failed to make me lightheaded. Shes a great artist to blend with and her cameos have always lent a wonderful slippery edge to artists such as Carrie Brownstein. With so many fabulous ladies around this weekend, perhaps well see these seamless syntheses in action.

Romanteek Oh my lord, the chords on this girl. Shes got the soul and the throat of a blues artist, an opera star, a Jersey girland theyre completely dance-worthy.

Tender Forever Ive never seen her before but the description of cardboard laptop has got me jonseing for a front row perch.

I also cant see the rock stopping with the southern flavor of The Gossip or the hard riffs of metal art bangers King Cobra. C.O.C.O should keep ya steppin with their stripped down beats, and Mirah and Sarah Dougher will both touch your heart with their guitar strings. Beyond the music exists a world of film and workshop interaction that should also not be overlooked. From Radical Feminist panel discussions to doll crafting with Dame Darcy learning is back in style. (Sorry too-cool-for-schoolers, its over). And, being the home of acclaimed Olympia Film Society the screen line-up is also sure to keep butts in seats and yeast covered popcorn in hands.

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