Bears v. Drag Queens Dysfunctional Family Feud

This is just too funny. Brought to you by Jen Lane of Barfly, that awesome little every bar in town magazine that fits in your pocket (except for in those one pair of 80s Jordaches), for those of us without internet on our cell phones.

The third annual Bears v. Drag Queens Dysfunctional Family Feud is today, Wednesday, 6/29, 6-8pm at Ash Street Saloon (225 SW Ash). There’s no cover, free munchies, $2.50 New Deal & Portland 88 Vodka drinks and a trivia contest with fun prizes that anyone can enter. You can also enter to win a great big KEG O’ BEER in our fundraiser raffle ($1 a ticket or $20 for your whole INSEAM!) – all the proceeds will go to the winning team’s charity of choice. The Bears are playing for Friends of People with AIDS, and the Queens are playing for the Audria M. Edwards Scholarship Fund, fyi. If you haven’t seen it, you should know that Dysfunctional Family Feud is BarFly’s take-off on the t.v. show, but our surveys are conducted here online, and live in Portland’s barrooms, so the answers are considerably more slurry and silly and the result is pure entertainment gold. Emcee Cat Daddy will be presiding over the festivities, along with my sweet self!. This is the third year the Queens are taking on the Bears, and the show is always over the top. Come on down for happy hour and you’ll have a blast. You cannot lose!

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