The morning after

Truthfully, I was a bit sad when the L word’s second season slipped out of the bedroom without so much as a goodbye kiss.

The show’s sophomore outing ended rather unspectacularly, despite Jenny’s brief and bloody mental breakdown scene and the intensely enigmatic and reticent Shane dropping her own L bomb (“I love you”) on equally hot, potential soulmate, Carmen. Even the birth of Tina and Bette’s baby felt lackluster, though it occurred amidst panic-inducing irregularities that propelled Tina out of the Bette-built (thank you Ikea for getting into the home birth market too!) birthing tank and down to the hospital.

This season not only introduced us to the worst theme song to have stuck in your head, it continually dropped the most interesting storylines, such as the Ivan/Kit relationship, Shane’s past and interaction with Mark, and Jenny’s banter with the scathing and witty writing workshop teacher Charlotte Birch, played by Sandra Bernhard.

But I guess I can’t expect a guilty pleasure to follow through with all the quality I come to crave. I’m sure the withdrawal over the course of the next year will dull my complaints and have me scrambling back to find a screen blaring Showtime…

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