Keep it on the dance floor fool…

Scream Club is what happens when feminism and a queer sensibility drop science on hip hop and electronic music, barely coming up for air in between sick moves out on the floor. And they’re back in P-town this Thursday for the finale of their “Keep it on the dance floor” tour with energetically skilled, skinny-tie-wearing sidekick Joey Casio spitting out nuanced and thoughtful electro-clash.

As the 3 exuberant performers (and at least 2 accompanying dancers) will be hosted by the ever more infamous Booty, there is sure to be a crowd of crazy shakers on the dance floor. My feet will be among them I assure you, and DJ residents Puppet and Stormy will keep everyone jumping even after the show…If you missed Scream Club in town last week (or even if you didn’t), I’m warning you, this time…don’t.

Thursday, May 19th at Porky’s Pub. 835 N Lombard. 10ish? 11ish?

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