An update on Tuff Luck and the Deli

I knew that the unfortunate dissolution of the Tuff Luck Deli would cause quite a rift in a tight need community. I hesitated to publish Tuff Luck’s detailed letter to the community but in the end decided that they deserved to be heard even if it did come with a cost.

Indeed it did, and many discussions on Facebook showed clearly how upset people were. Some comments were thoughtful, others […]

Tuff Luck coffee and the Deli part ways…and not amicably

Business dealings are always a sticky wicket, especially in this economy. And when the boys who ran Tuff Luck coffee moved into the queer collectively-run Deli it seemed like a perfect synthesis. I frequented the place myself, both before and after the merge and was glad to have a queer-friendly neighborhood space.

I was never aware of the business practices or inner conflicts that were happening so I can’t add […]

Get it at the Fag Drag this Friday

Who says feminists are no fun? Combining the talents of one of the last lady-centric bookstores with the superpower that is The Deli, In Other Words (8 N Killingsworth) hosts the Fag Drag this Friday at 8pm.

A show that promises neither the straight up king or queen, the gender wild flags are sure to be flying high with the encouragement to BYOD: Bring your own…