Take this survey on the creation of a dyke bar in Portland

The Egyptian Club - Portland's only remaining dyke bar, will be closing October 9th

Since the closing of The Egyptian Room last year Portland has been without an official lesbian bar. We’ve muddled along pretty good attending numerous queer nights and sort of claiming some dyke-friendly spaces such as the Florida Room for our own but many among us can’t but hope that another permenant location will spring up eventually. Now performer, community member and, with any luck, entrepreneur Mel Heywood has created a […]

Free ads for December on qPDX and other local sites

qPDX is super excited to be a part of a burgeoning new service for local business called PDX Web Ads. It’s tough for both local businesses and local publishers to connect one on one…we’re all too busy making our products and doing our thing! Commercial ads like Google’s Adsense are great, but they only pay pennies, they’re not tailored to our local needs and we sometimes get some strange products […]