Red Dress party shows up with a big donation for Clark County YWCA

Red Dress Party in Portland

A Red Dress Party of the past

In Vancouver WA (Alley Hector’s hometown!) the YWCA has received a generous donation of $15,000 from this years Red Dress party, (a yearly event in Portland and across the U.S that attracts thousands of attendees, mostly gay men and some women, all wearing red dresses). The YWCA will use the funds to go towards programs that support LGBTQ youth who are also […]

a little red dress review

The Red Dress Party is an annual charity event whose proceeds go towards supporting gay youth, and helps friends, neighbors and family members living with HIV/AIDS and other serious diseases.

Oprah was there too (image courtesy of

It’s an annual event here in Portland, and in 2009 over 2000 people attended (according to their website) Sadly, No one from could make it, but in tried-and-true Portland DIY […]

Red Dress party pics

DJ in red. Photo by Marty Davis / Just Out

Unfortunately, once again qPDX was unable to attend one of the it parties of the year, The Red Dress soiree which hosted its “Red Eye” themed soiree last Saturday. Luckily, over 2000 clad in in red gowns were in attendance at the benefit for those living with HIV and AIDS.

From fellow local blogger Byron Beck:

Last year’s RDP […]