Portland Police crack down on popular NE queer gathering spot

The skidmore bluffs are a popular meeting place in Northeast Portland

The skidmore bluffs. The place for NE queers, cyclists, hipsters and plain old fun loving folk to hang out on breezy summer nights. Ah, the killer view of the train yard, port, industrial district and the mountains and rivers beyond (I’m not joking). The wind in your hair, the noise of trains (and dogs) in your ears. Surrounded […]

Summer guide to queer Portland!

Portland's getting better!

Portland Weather…it's getting better!

Do I dare post this? Hard to believe, but the weather forecast for tomorrow is up to a staggering 94 degrees! Considering I was having drinks with a friend at the Bye and Bye last week and could see my breath, this is unbelievable.

Time for a quick-and-dirty summer guide to queer Portland.

Ah, beach life. A great place to go and be […]