Gay celebrity blogger allegedly assaulted, “hilarity” ensues

Perez Hilton is a famous gay blogger

So allegedly, gay celeb blogger/gossip queen Perez Hilton was assaulted by the Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am. Will.I.Am denies any allegations – and so they have taken it to the streets internet to resolve this dispute…and what follows is a messy frolic of tweeting/not tweeting, timing, and the importance of not forgetting the special T word, traffic.


Breaking News: Chastity Bono announces gender transition

Chastity Bono, who has been out as a lesbian for almost two decades, announces their gender transition. Photo from WireImage/FilmMagic

Just in! A few news sources across the web are reporting that Chastity Bono, long known to friends and family as ‘Chaz’ has decided to start tranisitioning from female to male. Go Chaz! I applaud Chaz’ decision to be honest and to transition – especially in the public eye. […]

Craigslist Missed Connections – Just a Portland Phenomenon?

Come on, admit it. You’ve all done it-cruised the ads, that is, hopelessly mining the black 10pt Times New Roman on white, or even in your RSS feed viewer if you’re a technophile, searching for that elusive flash of recognition. Or maybe you just like the drama, the requests for initials, the coded messages between Frogbelly and Ratboy, the tortured twisted poetry sent out into the cold world of the […]