Pride countdown begins with the weekdays

Rai Villanueva will help kick off Pride with Thursday's gay ass Diesel party

Recently added events starred like so*

Truthfully, I think I’ve been putting off the Pride 2010 calendar because there’s do damn much to do that I’m overwhelmed. So let’s take this piece by piece. First, there’s plenty to do before we even get to the weekend. Workin’ stiffs, of which I now be one, gird your […]

14th Annual Gender Bender Variety Show Photos are up!

A review will follow as soon as we get our of the vise-tight grip Pride has on us this weekend, but here for your viewing pleasure is our Photo Gallery!

It was an eclectic mix, and much fun was had! Thank you to all the performers and organizers of this event! Make sure you attend next year!

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