Classifieds now available on qPDX!

Would you like to buy my wares? Trade? Date? Get a ride?

Just in time for the weekend qPDX has introduced some new and exciting functionality…Classifieds and Personals! Sure, Craigslist is great and all but, aside from being plain and boring there’s plenty of disrespectful folks trolling around. Here, you know you’re talking directly to your community (troubling as that term may be) and that the platform is made […]

Beaches, Bag(dirt), Bent/BlueParrot, bonfire, bonkers? – A boisterous weekend review

DirtBag at The Know, Portland

DirtBag at The Know, Portland

Ok, so Thursday isn’t technically the weekend yet, except when it is! Last weekend the hottest weather we’ve had here in fair gayPortland, and plenty of us used this opportunity for suntan catchup, chillin’ at the beach. Here a little weekend review in case you missed some of it..!

Thursday saw the premiere of DirtBag! at The Know, which has moved from the […]

Can’t we get over my penis? (missed connection pt.2)

Can’t we? And I quote “Can’t we get over my penis? It’s not even that impressive; more like an extra-large clit. What are you, sizeist now?” This delivered straight from the missed connection section of craigslist. It’s hilariously titled “Missed Connection with Every Lesbian Girl I’ve Ever Swooned Over.”

I’m not going to ask the question of why. I know why. Gay women are hot.

Women are hot. Women kissing […]

Craigslist Missed Connections – Just a Portland Phenomenon?

Come on, admit it. You’ve all done it-cruised the ads, that is, hopelessly mining the black 10pt Times New Roman on white, or even in your RSS feed viewer if you’re a technophile, searching for that elusive flash of recognition. Or maybe you just like the drama, the requests for initials, the coded messages between Frogbelly and Ratboy, the tortured twisted poetry sent out into the cold world of the […]