Sam Adams second recall attempt falls short

Sam Adams stays mayor

Sam Adams likes basil and stays mayor.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams has been “in the wars”, as my Mum would say. A little affair with Beau Breedlove turned into a media snowball resulting in two recall attempts and a quasi-political-deadlock for Adams. A few years later, we’re still debating the ins and outs of, ah, the bloom of youth.

The bespectacled politico has been trying hard to get over […]

The return of Beau Breedlove

Beau Breedlove in a shoot he did for Unzipped magazine

If you thought you heard enough about the mayor’s sex scandal with hottie Beau Breedlove, then you were wrong. Not only is Mr. Scandal back in Portland, after so unceremoniously leaving us for the east coast, but he also has a forthcoming book. The as-yet-untitled tome will be a

…reflection on the events of my life before, during and […]

Biggest local news stories of 2009

Sam Adams

Here at qPDX we really do like to have fun. That often means that our coverage is entertainment and event heavy. But 2009 saw plenty of news headlines as well. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone what scandal fills the top spot, but let’s run down 4 more items as well before we repeat the obvious.

5 – Media drama, deaths and rebirths


More Sam and Beau: Adams recall Breedlove event planning gossip

Jasun Wurster (center) filed a petition to recall Mayor Sam Adams this morning. Attorney Erin Fitzgerald accompanied Wurster as they filed the papers with Andrew Carlstrom, left, of the city auditor's office. Michael Lloyd / The Oregonian

We are a bit slow on the uptake, seeing as it was two days ago that Jasun Wurster, leader of the campaign to recall Mayor Sam Adams, officially filed his paperwork. In […]

More Beau Breedlove/Sam Adams drama, and this time Beau’s angry…

Sam Adams with Beau Breedlove. Photo by Byron Beck

Every time we think this horrific saga might just end, there’s another wonderful wrinkle. Local station KGW aired an interview with Breedlove wherein the young man expresses anger over more of Sam Adams lying and evasion.


Breaking news: No criminal charges for Mayor Sam Adams

Mayor Sam Adams. Oregonian file photo

Oregon Attorney General John Kroger just released a report today proclaiming that there is not suffucient evidence to pursue any criminal charges against Mayor Sam Adams (PDF).

“We have concluded that there is no evidence to charge, let alone convict, Adams with illegal sexual contact with a minor,” according to Kroger’s investigation.

In addition, the report found no evidence that Adams’ […]

Beau Breedlove reports from the White Party

Beau Breedlove

Easter weekend saw plenty of partying, and PDX’s current poster boy was in attendance for the first time at the Palm Springs White Party.

Here’s his report courtesy Queerty:


Beau Breedlove hitting (it at?) Rock Bottom

Beau Breedlove in a particularly porntastic pose

Actually this little bit of gossip isn’t really as juicy as the title would seem to suggest but anything involving our intrepid mayor-fucker is bound to be newsworthy no?

According to gay-blogger-in-the-know Byron Beck, Breedlove has been dating a server from downtown’s Rock Bottom Brewery. Beck goes on to say that the other double B also left his number with a busboy […]

Sneak peek of Beau Breedlove’s Unzipped cover

Beau Breedlove on the cover of Unzipped magazine

Though the print issue (as if anyone cared…you can print out the picture to put above your bed right?) will not be on newsstands until April 7th, Unzipped has released the cover photo of Portland’s infamous mayor canoodler Beau Breedlove. (Breedlove had an affair with Mayor Sam Adams quite near his 18th birthday, just in case you missed that…) And I […]

Beau Breedlove interview on Logo tonight

Rob Finch/The OregonianBeau Breedlove

Thrust into the spotlight, the aptly named Beau Breedlove appears be navigating notoriety with skill, if not grace. A performer by nature, I’m not quite sure I believe his assertions that he dislikes the attention.

The young man currently embroiled in the Sam Adams sex scandal sat down with Ross Palombo of CBS News and will appear tonight on Logo.

From 365GayNews:

“What attracted you to […]