Captain Blood! Errol Flynn was a douchebag

How can you not become a pirate when your last name is Blood?

I originally titled this blog, Captain Blood! A Pirate Love Fest! However, on researching the lead actor, Errol Flynn, I realized I had to change directions..

Wow, I have to say I was daunted when I noticed this movie was 120 minutes long, but by the end, I was wishing it would go on and on. […]

Portland’s official holiday drink presented by Darcelle

Well, it looks like Darcelle may be P-Town’s (drag) Queen of the Holidays. She’s already appeared on daytime television explaining how to stuff a bird and now she’s back to present us with our official drink of the season.

Watch as she joins Clyde Common‘s Jeffrey Morgenthaler as he makes her a drink she has named the Darcelle Holiday Delight. Recipe below.