Gayborday Weekend!

If your Downtown tonight, Couture Lounge is offering a perfect suggestion on how to spend your three day, end of summer, free for all weekend. Stop in to Club Foxy at Couture and hang out while listening to DJ Lifepartner and Girlfriends while enjoying all night happy hour and five dollar drink specials! Don’t be afraid to get a little classy, or trashy and besides, theres no cover anyways! So […]

New Queer Tea Dance At Couture Lounge

Time to get a little classy Portland. And by classy I mean sloppy champagne and cosmos classy.

Come join us for the kick off of Club Foxy at Couture Lounge tomorrow night. The night will offer cheap drink specials and happy hour food all night. Nope this club isn’t just for the breeders anymore! DJ Girlfriends and Chelsea Starr will make the fagulosity go on from 9PM past midnight with […]

One on one with DJ Party Martyr

I join Jen K. aka Party Martyr at Random Order Coffeehouse. Jen joins me after a long morning in a Chinook trailer van parked at the Portsmouth Pizza parkinglot. It’s a balmy afternoon on Alberta street right before the bustling last thursday event begins. Over the squealing of espresso machines and roar of hungry pie goers we sat at the bar and I got to ask Jen K. a couple […]

Luna Lunes launch!

PORTLAND QUEERS! I would like to invite you and all of your friends to the first of potentially many installments of a women-centric DJ night called LUNA LUNES. As the name suggests, the party will fall on Monday nights, the first just so happens to be tonight at Sloans Tavern (36 N Russell St. at Williams)

The evening will start early, before 9, giving y’all a chance to make sure […]

Another qDJX interview with Lifepartner

DJ Lifepartner

Today I find myself waiting for the elusive LIFEPARTNER, also known as Kirk Sutherland; A timid yet charming creature. Lifepartner wears thick rimmed glasses, fitted jeans, crisp new A.D.I.D.A.S’ windbreaker & canvas shoes, and sports a full beard. He loves playing dancehall, bounce and hip hop and anything new to the underground world music market. Today he shares his thoughts, opinions and some overall realness about inspiration, […]

Q&A with your favorite DJs

what […]

Need a Valentine?

On Sunday night if you find your self Valentine-less or just want a fun spot for you and your homo hubby, come to Rotture for HEARTHROB! There will be DJ’s, slow jams on the hour, card making and secret crush! Then… if you feel like nursing your bloody hangover… Mondays are QUEER at Slabtown. Join DJ Girlfriends and DJ Rainbow Bridget Monday night from 9 til ??? And with 3 […]

Friday at Invasion

DJ Girlfriends (myself) will be spinning for the christening of Invasion’s SHOWER! Join us with porn superstars AND hubbies THE JERICS! 5 Bones, lots of boners.


Hey Gays! Start your halloween festivities off early and right at Branx (320 SE 2nd) FRIDAY NIGHT! Catch Gay Jays Lifepartner, Girlfriends and the legendary, now ex-Porlandite, Automaton for her last DJ gig in PDX!!! Dress to impress but don’t be a hot mess!

Pics from BRO

Some quick shots from the lofted DJ booth at The Basic Rights Oregon Benefit last Saturday.