Sissyboy and the return of Blow Pony…Saturday night was a doozy

'Sissyboy Washes Up' Photo by Marty Davis / Just Out

This weekend was pretty epic. Indeed the fact/excuse that this review is a day or two late is testament to just how big a queer party weekend it was.

Friday started it off with an extremely packed and sweaty Fruitcake which may quickly outgrow its britches, and perhaps already has, in the fine tradition of upstarts such as Booty. […]

The return of the Sissyboys

The Sissyboy troupe

After an epic final show in October 2007, the unabashedly naughty Sissyboy shock drag troupe called it quits, and the gentlemen all, literally, went their own ways. But the dream never died. Various related performance groups arose and the Sissyboys released an underground documentary film.

Key member, Splendora (aka Lee Kyle), continued to perform around Portland before moving to New York City. Amazed at the Big […]

Sissyboy’s ‘Gong Show’ benefit for SMYRC

Photo courtesy Bad Scene Productions

A little part of Sissyboy is back with a game-show benefit. As part of Just Out’s Diversions:

How do you take something ridiculous and over-the-top and make it more so? The general recipe calls for nasty sassy drag queens, talent shows or 80s game shows. This overwhelming melee of more than you ever expected from American Idol has all three. In a night […]

PLGFF review: ‘Sissyboy’ and ‘Whatever Happened To Fannie Mae?’


Sissyboy goes away


Sissyboys don’t love us anymore, but they do want our money…


Sissyboy is offensive and wrong . . . and all at a new location

Sissyboy teams up with premiere Portland comedienne (and one of those bio women drag queens herself) Amber Martin for Part 2 of their epic summer trilogy. (And this is Ambers real last show before leaving the roses behind for an NYC trip) Apparently the boys got into a bit o trouble in Hollywood last time and now it looks like they may have to pay the price in the form of a stand in front of infamous TV courtroom drama queen Judge Judy. Please show up and clap your hands and say you believe in fairies and they may be spared death row.

But dont show up to Holocene because the boys have moved to the Wonder Ballroom (128 NE Rusell). I havent been yet but I hear rave reviews. Feel free to share your opinion. Sissyboys act out this Wednesday July 20. Doors at 8, show at 9, Sissyboy at 11. $7 at the door $5 in advance.

Interview with GenderFantasy’s Kaj-Anne Pepper

Kaj-Anne Pepper has been a performer, dancer, drag star and multi-modal artist in Portland for several years. We have come to expect great things and Pepper’s upcoming full length show, GenderFantasy, is highly anticipated. It opens this Thursday for a 4 day run at the Headwaters Studio (55 NE Farragut) and amidst the madness Pepper took a moment to talk with qPDX about his process, the show, and those involved in collaborative art. […]

Interview with ‘Delusional Donovan’ producers Devan McGrath and Mark “Zebra” Thomas

Portland may not be a film and television capital on the scale of New York or LA, but we’ve got an increasing number of small screen shows filming here. And while we’re excited for the big releases, everyone knows Portland’s heart lives with the indie production. It’s only one of the many reasons I’m so excited to see Delusional Donovan a new locally made TV show premiering its pilot this […]

A weekend to go on a Space Odyssey to a deluded Donovan, a Communi-T Trans Resource Fair and more…just don’t forget your awkward poetry

Corrina Bain performs Friday as part of Q Poetry's Award Open Mic.


Hot Mess Grand Finale – Whether you’ve been attending religiously for the past 12 weeks or just want to see how it all turns out, tonight’s final contest is sure to be a knock down drag out fight to the hot mess death. With 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize packages starting at $700 you know […]